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"Proti šedi" means against the gray, dull and boring. We are a server
with articles, photos and sounds that support the interesting and the
creative. If you do not speak any Czech, you are advised to follow
this section for articles in English, and also are very welcome to
listen to DJ mixes created just for us in the Audio section. Stay
tuned for more!

Srpen 28, 2015
Patients and their care providers share the workarounds they’ve devised to handle the worst of chemo, radiation and surgery
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Srpen 18, 2015
Srpen 1, 2015
From cover-ups to caffeine, here are some tips for protecting your skin during the summer and all year long
Červenec 29, 2015
First-of-its-kind study finds link between pre-diagnosis sleep deprivation and increased breast cancer mortality
Červenec 4, 2015
CASA BRUTALE; lyrical brutalism  
Červenec 3, 2015
Be wary of possible side effects, drug interactions when using alternative health supplements, physicians caution
Červen 29, 2015
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