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"Proti šedi" means against the gray, dull and boring. We are a server
with articles, photos and sounds that support the interesting and the
creative. If you do not speak any Czech, you are advised to follow
this section for articles in English, and also are very welcome to
listen to DJ mixes created just for us in the Audio section. Stay
tuned for more!

Říjen 23, 2015
Tough room: As the saying goes, dying is easy, it’s comedy that’s hard.
Říjen 14, 2015
23. 11. 15 Roxy, Praha
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Říjen 10, 2015
Říjen 9, 2015
The shame, blame and stigma surrounding this deadly disease affects everything from patient follow-through to research funding
Září 25, 2015
Whether solving the mysteries of outer space or cancer cells, many major advances followed messy moments
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Září 24, 2015
Get ready for the second Hackers Congress in Parallel Polis, Prague - 2 / 3 / 4 / 10 / 2015 POLITICAL ART / SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGIES / FREEDOM AND CRYPTOANARCHY / DECENTRALISED ECONOMY AND
Září 19, 2015
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Září 16, 2015
Září 14, 2015
28.9. 2015 v rámci Free Mondays v ROXY!
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