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"Proti šedi" means against the gray, dull and boring. We are a server
with articles, photos and sounds that support the interesting and the
creative. If you do not speak any Czech, you are advised to follow
this section for articles in English, and also are very welcome to
listen to DJ mixes created just for us in the Audio section. Stay
tuned for more!

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Březen 16, 2015
 brand new single
Březen 11, 2015
he brought dubstep into the charts and the public consciousness.
Březen 6, 2015
Deephouse, techhouse and techno.
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Březen 2, 2015
Escapism, sunshine and the laid-back life of Miami...
Únor 25, 2015
And reveals new song Gone Fishing.
Únor 24, 2015
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Únor 23, 2015
 two nominations at BRIT Awards 2015
Únor 22, 2015
Would you benefit from mentoring by professional dance critics?
Únor 20, 2015
+ more  for 72 hour Daylight Festival.
Únor 19, 2015
This lady needs no introduction.
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Únor 19, 2015
Topic: the paedophile community.
Únor 14, 2015
North American Tour sold out.
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