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"Proti šedi" means against the gray, dull and boring. We are a server
with articles, photos and sounds that support the interesting and the
creative. If you do not speak any Czech, you are advised to follow
this section for articles in English, and also are very welcome to
listen to DJ mixes created just for us in the Audio section. Stay
tuned for more!

Březen 19, 2011
  Press Release: launch party.  Party „Against the Grey“.  DOX.  March 25, 2011. 7 PM.   The new server will be officially launched on the 25th of March in DOX, Prague.
Březen 18, 2011
Sound - a world almost totally dominated by grey or black. Not Funktion One !. It's purple and silver all the way !.
Březen 13, 2011
In the Audio section, we have just published and unedited audio recording of an interview with peter saville (the design icon from the UK). Recorded in manchester, Radisson hotel, july 19, 2007 (the day after the launch of Hacienda 25 The...
Březen 12, 2011
R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe has revealed he felt seriously alienated from his audience when the US alternative band crossed over to the mainstream at the end of the 80s, telling the Guardian this week he believed many ‘probably held lots of...
Březen 11, 2011
  First time I visited Rajasthan was in the nineties. And there were no cars just camels around used for transport.  There was no tap water only wellwater sellers carrying jars.  
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Březen 10, 2011
An an ode to the classic '80s aerobics film "Perfect", starring John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis.
Březen 9, 2011
Berlin DJs Jonty Skrufff and Fidelity Kastrow performed at Buddah Club in Grand Baie last weekend and delivered exhilarating sets of Berlin style electro and techno, the likes of which have never been experienced in Mauritius before.
Březen 9, 2011
  From 16 March till 14 August 2011 MoMu (the fashion museum in Antwerp, Belgium) presents the exhibition UNRAVEL. Knitwear in fashion.
Březen 5, 2011
Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brian revealed he’s become ‘increasingly excited’ about the revolutionary ramifications of Facebook and Twitter this week, in a blog posting in which he admitted being ‘very slow out of the...
Únor 20, 2011
We really like italian food. And finding a good place to get it is always a pleasure. Our new favourite place is called Osteria ai galli. It is located at Veletržní street 71 - next door to a largel place called V lochu. Do not overlook...
Únor 19, 2011
Local authorities in Leeds have ‘permanently’ revoked the license of Gatecrasher Leeds after police complained about violence at the 1,200 capacity club.
Únor 17, 2011
Umělecký pár Danielle de Picciotto a Alexander Hacke (Einstuerzende Neubauten) je od února do května 2011 hostem residenčního programu MeetFactory. V rámci jejich uměleckého pobytu se...
Únor 16, 2011
After The Siouxsie And The Banshees disbanded, their founding member Steven Severin embarked upon a solo career. He has a new album out and his tour spans also several Czech cities and towns.
Únor 14, 2011
We really like Charlie One. She is the singer with Ohm Square and a renowned party girl. We caught up with Charlie One in Berlin and were curious what she was working on... and what drinks were on her table.
Únor 9, 2011
Danny Howells has a new release underway. But what was the first record he bought? Jonty knows.
Únor 9, 2011
Moby vowed to start locking the doors of his Los Angeles mansion this week, after waking up early to discover a drug-addled complete stranger standing next to the couch in his living room.
Únor 8, 2011
Writing on Twitter this week, progressive house pioneer Dave Seaman highlighted the problem of information overload, forwarding a revealing complaint from superstar house DJ Funkagenda.
Únor 6, 2011
Louis Vuitton introduces THE fashion jewelery for spring / summer 2011.
Únor 6, 2011
Fringe is the place where the future stars are born. the famous theatre festival that was born in Edinburgh is taking place in Prague also. We chatted with its director and founder, Steve Gove. Read part 2 of our interview.
Únor 5, 2011
Jonty Skruff has chatted with a true dance music icon, DJ Pierre. Whate were the first records he bought, and what does it say about him?
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Únor 5, 2011
Have you seen the electric skateboard yet? Watch the video about how people ride it day or night.
Únor 5, 2011
Fringe is the place where the future stars are born. the famous theatre festival that was born in Edinburgh is taking place in Prague also. We chatted with its director and founder, Steve Gove. 
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Únor 5, 2011
  CZ: Zeitgeist je film, který původně ani filmem nebyl. Z performance v NYC se zrodil fenomén, který vyústil v několik celovečerních filmů - právě vyšel nový. Námětem je glosov...
Leden 26, 2011
The Swedish have a great tradition in erotica. And in knitting. What happens when the two worlds meet?
Leden 26, 2011
Markus Schulz is releasing his newset album Called Prague and plays Prague's SaSaZu on February 12. We have chatted with him about being a foreigner, a radio star and a succesful businessman.
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